New Year, New Start

Well like the title states, this is a new year so why not have a new start? So welcome to my new blog!

So how did this all start? I was actually looking through Wong Fu Phil’s blog today (which I just realised even existed) and I got really inspired by it. I’ve always had a lot on my mind and it would be good if I found a way to channel that.

So this blog here will just be a way for me to write down tons of the random thoughts I have constantly floating around in my brain. I want to make sure I write meaningful stuff though. To me that is very important. And I guess I’ll just do it as and when I like. Like whenever something pops into my head that I really want to say I’ll be here!

As I’m writing this the blog is still a work in progress. I definitely want to improve it by making it look prettier and having better titles and stuff but I’m not entirely sure how at the moment.

On that note, it really feels like I don’t know what I’m doing. Like I’m not sure what to write, how to write it (For some reason I feel it should be more serious?). And then there are also the more nitty gritty stuff like whether or not I should have pictures and how I should format it. All of this just feels so new to me. But I think bottom line is that I just this to be something I’m proud of.

So I guess we’re at the end now. (I swear I suck at endings. And beginnings.) If you have read this from start to finish, I would like to welcome you to my blog one more time! I hope this journey will be a good one!



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